Ko Phangan with Mr. Neck

After enjoying for 2 Days the varieties of Bangkok, we needed a beach! So we went overnight to Sukhatani (south east of Thailand) and from there with the fast Katamaran to Ko Phangan. Andy aka Mr. Neck catched us, with his nearly 3 weeks old Ko Phangan tatoo, at the ferry and we went up, on the westside of the island, to his place. Happy Beach Bungalow was the name and the name hold its promises! Beach, beachbar, bungalow with sunset, BBQ ( made by us 🙂 ), nice people and thai massage were on the menu.

We spent 2 full days enjoying this really nice island before we finally decided to stay a bit longer! It’s so chillaxing here! Ok the full moon, the half moon and the black moon partys were over… that can explain why the island was so quiet…

So we didn’t visit that much of the island, except one afternoon, we had a nice walk in the valley, trying to find the waterfalls. Because the sun was going down, we had to go back. We never found them! Even if we had a map. They probably hang with the Manneken Pis from Brussels, Elvis, the christmas tree at the Rockfeller center or these socks we never find back in the dryer machine. Anyway! That was a lot of calm, sleep and nice food. Exactly what we were looking for!

Next step, we are going to take the boat to Ko Tao (1h30 from here) with the idea of getting our Diving certification!

For everyone who is wondering: We always have a delay of 3-5 days with the articles which are online. That is, because every day is saturday and we never know which one it is. Maybe we catch up next monday 🙂

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